Saturday, January 19, 2013


It's a miracle!!
Zoe slept through the night last night! YAY!
She woke up at 6:30, but I'll take that over 2-4 any time.
Trying to get her to go back to sleep but she is resisting it like a mofo.

Last night at dinner was the first time we tried her in one of those baby seats at the restaurant.
She liked it but didn't know what to do with herself heh.
She did keep touching the table, trying to grab it and of course sticking her hands right in to her mouth. BLEH!!!
Going to have to go buy some travel lysol wipes or something. Wipe that crap off really well before she does that.

Is it bad that I dread when my brother's kids are there too? DH's mom or aunt usually brings them to dinner with us so they can spend the night and go to church on Sundays.
I just see all other kids now as walking diseases ready to spread.
I love them to bits, but... just wish they wouldn't breath near me, or touch me or anything like that... and especially not near Zoe.

Same kinda goes for SiL's little girl. She's only 16m? old but I'm starting to look at her the same way. My heart skips a beat when they put Zoe close to her.
Logically, I'm ok with it, but that paranoid panic creeps in and all I think about is where that child's hands have been. BLEH.

Not going to put Zoe in to a bubble or anything, but the thought of her getting sick.... I dread the day it happens.

Zoe was so cute yesterday (as she is every day :P)...
She tried out a new sound which was


Ehehe.. She is really going to town on her talking and it's so cute!

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lisabttc said...

YAY for STTN!!!
I don't blame you for being paranoid! I work with kids, and they get me sick every year around this time, no matter what I do! Sucks!