Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mmmmm sweet potato

Zoe seemed to enjoy her homemade sweet potato mixture. YAY :)
She ate all that I fed her. Ate a little bit more when DH tried later.
Doesn't seem like she's quite ready to eat that much solids though, but that's what the freezer is for. Save the rest for later :D
Wonder what DH will want to feed her next. He bought some book on the kindle and has been reading it.
Looking at the 'my first solids' baby foods, carrots, pear, peas and there was some other fruit that I can't remember seem to be the ones to go with.
We'll see.
I'll have to ask him about it. We'll probably end up buying more stuff to make next shopping trip.

I wanted to SMACK DH last night.
Obviously I don't, but yeah, the thought sure does come to mind sometimes.

I had been up constantly with Zoe trying to get her to go back to sleep. Think it started at 1 or 130.
She started to fuss after I fed her at around 230 and the monitor was on so I guess it woke him up.
Well she finally settles down so I go to lay down.

DH: I can't wait until this phase is over.

Now any other time, I would've just agreed... but having been up and pooped, I was grumpy so came back with...

Me: Why? I'm the one getting up with her.

DH: I'm awake aren't I??

Seriously dude?? Since she started this crap sleeping.... he's only gotten woken up maybe 2 or 3 times.
UGH I wanted to smack him when he said though. Oh boo-frickin-hoo for him. Poor baby (dh) got woken up and will be back to sleep in a minute while I'm laying there for an hour or more trying to get back to sleep. Poor poor DH. :\

And then! This morning, I know he didn't mean to do it and felt bad, but he woke up Zoe!! She's been kicking off her blanket during the night. Not a big deal since it has been warm.
He tried to wiggle the blanket out from under her so he could cover her again and it woke her.
Of course she didn't go back to sleep so... yeah.
Not pissed at him for that since it was an accident, just slightly annoyed :P
I doubt she would've been asleep for much longer though so whatever.

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Anonymous said...

I hope things go well with the baby foods!!
Booo to your DH! I would have been irritated, too. I'm sure I will have lots of moments with my hubby where I want to smack him lol ;-)