Sunday, January 27, 2013


DD group started posting photos of when they held or met their LOs for the first time.
Of course I'll take any excuse to post a photo of Zoe heh.

Here are a few. Not sure if I've ever posted them before...

Showing us our little alien

Nice and average :D F- You gestational diabetes! *gives it the finger* MUAHAHAHAHA

Getting up close and personal.
Thought it was DH showing her at first, but nope, that's not my DH's arms/hands... woops.

Now THIS is him showing her to me. She's so swollen and grumpy looking. Still frickin adorable though :D


Hard to believe it was only what... not even 6 months ago. Geeze.
I complain like there is no tomorrow, but I am still so grateful and amazed every day that we're parents and she is our little girl. Hell, it's still weird that I get to say things like 'my daughter' lol.

I SO want to do this all over again. Sleepless nights, walking sleep deprived zombie, baby poo, spit up.... everything.
Really hoping we'll be able to give Zoe a brother or sister. And if we're feeling up to it, maybe one more after that ;)

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