Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just life

Haven't been posting as often lately b/c there really isn't too much to report on.

Zoe's sleep is still kinda screwy most nights. She's loving her solid food. Except for those Baby MumMum things. I've tried giving it to her twice now and she always ends up choking and gagging on it.

Not sure what it looks like when teeth are coming in but don't think I see or feel anything yet. Honestly I don't check that often anyway b/c she tries to eat my finger and ends up just drooling all over my hand lol.

OH! I forgot. About 3? nights ago, I had just gotten finished changing her diaper and laid her back in her crib. Somehow she got flipped on to her stomach. She wasn't crying or anything so I left her while I put the diaper in to the bin. I go to roll her on to her stomach and she rolled on to her side all by herself!
She hasn't done it again since then, but hey, it's a little bit of progress :)

Crap, telling that made me forget something else I wanted to mention. SIGH.


Weight is still bleh. Last time I checked I was down a pound. Sucks, but I'll take that over nothing or gaining like I have been. It's up and down up and down. I'm sure whenever I check again it will be back up to what it was :\

Let this be a lesson to you expectant moms.... don't go crazy with the food after birth b/c you may end up like this and not able to lose the extra jiggle!

While eating well has kept the bleeding from returning, it hasn't done anything for ovulation... yet I hope.
Taking an OPK and HPT once a day. Sometimes 2 if I remember to. Whole lot of nothing to report there. Same old same old.

And yep, that's about all I can remember. Gotta get to bed!
Here are some photos of some of my finished crochet projects and little miss Zoe modeling them :)

Yoda Hat pattern
Zoe is ready for that next Star Wars movie now!

Tardis Hat pattern
Zoe loves her some Doctor Who!
Actually made it for SiL :P heh

Frickin LOVE that website... Ravelry. If you knit or crochet, they have a TON of free patterns. I also made a few other things. Need to finish one, but I'll post pics when it is done.

Whenever we have another baby, I'm totally gonna be prepared with about a dozen or so newborn baby hats for newborn photos! lol And a few matching ones for big sister Zoe :D

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