Sunday, January 13, 2013

Maybe? Hope so!

Weighed myself and for now... I think the scale is moving down. It better be dangit!!
It wasn't much but it was still something.

Zoe's waking up at night is.... so tiring.
Thankfully when she fully awakens, I can feed her, lay her back down and she seems to go back to sleep on her own. At least that's how it has been the past couple of nights.

I'm SO tired though. She's been pretty noisy in her sleep and it wakes me up every damn time she makes a sound. And of course, I have to go check her just in case.
Doesn't help that for some reason, I couldn't get to sleep last night even though I was extremely tired.

DH is off tomorrow too, but I won't be able to sleep in b/c he's taking his truck in to get serviced. Boooooo lol I just better get some decent sleep tonight. Maybe sneak in a nap soon lol.

We think poor Zoe has thrush again. At first we thought it was just another case of diaper rash, but after a few days of putting cream on her butt, it hasn't cleared so we went and bought something else for it.
Poor girl just can't catch a break w/ her little booty.

Using disposables has given me a chance to try stripping the cloth diapers. I only did the inserts though. Don't think the covers are the problem.

Just washed the inserts and added in some bleach. Hopefully it did the trick. We'll see once her thrush clears.

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