Thursday, December 15, 2016

So much poops!

Welp....Ezra had himself a blowout yesterday. That was disgusting.
I had him in the exersaucer. He started fussing so I eventually got him. I usually kind of sling him up and on to my shoulder so I can get a quick whiff of his bum to see if he pooped.
Yeah... that was a mistake b/c it put the leaked part right smack dab on to my face /barf
And it wasn't a small leak either. Oh no.... it was toothpaste poop all the way up his back.
At least he's not constipated though. He's not going as much as before, but his poops aren't hard or anything.

He's currently on the playmat on the floor sorta rolling from side to side. More like stretching his head far enough that the rest of his body has to follow. I guess that's how it starts :)

Zoe is in full on teenager mode today. Pitched attitude when I wouldn't give her some of DH's popcorn (the 3 flavors in a can that he got from Awana). So she huffed away and didn't want to talk to me. Then got dramatic b/c Oren got in to "her" spot.

Anywho... seems as though Ezra is actually interested in the toys on the exersaucer now. It's pretty crazy how fast they develop in the first year.
Sure it can feel like things drag when you're not getting a lot of sleep, but it really does go by so quick. SO quick.
Have to enjoy this while we can. No more babies for us until one of our kids has one.. and even then... who knows if they will or where they'll be living, etc.

UGH, we have a birthday party to go to this weekend. It's for one of DH's coworkers. They're having a combined birthday for their 2 daughters. Only agreed to go to it b/c I felt like... maybe b/c it was so close to Christmas that they weren't going to be getting a lot of guests or presents.
Their girls are 11 and 8 I think so a lot older than our kids. I've only ever met the kids once and the couple twice.
They're super nice though. When I was pregnant with Zoe, they gave us their bassinet and lots of baby clothes.
I just don't want to be sociable b/c I have nothing to say. I spend my days at home with 3 kids... and.... yep.

Pumping is going well. Had a couple of days where my supply dropped, but it picked back up.
My boobs are aching like crazy right now. Has a stinging burning sensation. Not quite like an engorged feeling, but close.
I've increased suction on the pump. It starts off at 3 bars and I increased to 5. My nipples are still getting used to the increase. They feel and look bruised right now. Hopefully they'll start to feel better soon.
I don't think I'll be increasing the strength anymore though. I don't think it's really doing anything. I'm still getting the same as I did before so it hasn't increased my supply at all.

Not sure how much longer I'll be pumping for. I'd like to stick with it until he's having more formula than breastmilk. So maybe another month or so. We'll see what happens. Would be awesome if I could drop down to pumping just 4x a day, but 5x has been pretty nice too.

Alrighty... lost my train of thought.
Those darn Jehovah's Witness folks are determined to get me to convert or something. Should've just told them NO.. not interested, but oh no.... I was too nice and uuuuuuuugh... I'm paying for it now.
Also Oren has found the light switches. He can't reach them on his own, but he can if he drags over one of the stepping stools.....
He just freaked out when I got Zoe to take it back to where it belongs. Sigh.....

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