Wednesday, December 7, 2016


So DH had his E,N,&M appointment this morning. Haven't seen him, but he texted that the doctor says he has allergies that is probably causing some problems.
They didn't do an actual allergy test, but I guess with how things looked in his nose, the doc could tell that he is allergic to something. DH said they gave him a decongestant so they could see better and he could tell that he was breathing better just by using it.
So he got prescribed some flonase.
Also, he's getting a sleep study done tomorrow night.
That kind of sucks b/c this is going to be 4 nights in a row with just me and the kids.... actually 5 nights with just me and at least 2 of them.
Lol... I'll live of course... it's just nice not being the only one having to put them all to bed.
Anything to get him breathing better at night though. That magical unicorn position is getting smaller and smaller and his snoring wakes me up and keeps me up. I hate shoving him to get him to move.. only for him to either not move and continue snoring or to move and continue snoring. :\
I've been SO tired lately b/c I haven't been getting good long restful sleep b/c I get constantly woken up during the night :(

Also.... it would be nice if my body would stop peeing itself a little randomly.
I won't even have the feeling like I have to go, but suddenly will feel discharge. Or what I thought was vaginal discharge at first, but quickly realized it was pee.
It's so damn gross.

Pumping 5x a day is still going pretty well.
Having to pump just a little longer to make sure I'm getting enough, but only for maybe 5-10more mins so it's not a big deal or anything.
Really happy about that :D

Kids are driving me crazy! After I'm done pumping, going to get some cleaning done. Same old story..... trash and toys everywhere.
Need to stop procrastinating and pack up the toys we're going to donate. I just don't have the energy to do it right now though. Sigh.....

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