Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 3

Day 3 of pumping only 5x. Didn't plan on starting already, but since I only did it on Friday and it worked out to only 5x Saturday. Figured I'd just stick with it and see how it goes.
So far so good though.
So long as I get at least 100ml or close to it for 3 of them and the first 2 of the day are higher, then my supply should stay the same. We'll see though.
It may try to drop.
It really counts on the first 2 pumps remaining high. First pump is the one in the middle of the night and 2nd is when I get up for the day, but for the past 2 days that's been at 930.
Dh has let me sleep in until 9 and oh it's been glorious lol.
Ezra will usually fuss around 7, so I bring him to bed with me. Plop him on my body pillow, make sure no blankets are around him and my arm is nearby, then I go back to sleep.
Seems Ezra has been enjoying it too bc he sleeps until 9 right along with me. Bed sleep even longer, but his siblings came in to the room or knocked and screamed at the door until he woke up lol.
Not gonna happen now that the weekdays have come again lol. Oh well., it was nice while it lasted.

Alrighty... Off to bed!! And for the heck of it, photos off my phone!!

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