Friday, December 2, 2016

We've made a deal

Ok first... do you have to make an appointment with Sears photography for a family photo? I just want one of the kids, but I wasn't sure if it was something that you just show up for or if you have to call in to reserve a time.
Asked DH this and he didn't know either, but then brought up that we really need a family photo done.
Our one and only family photo was done last year when we were headed out to the local comic con.
Now that our family is done and complete... we really need a family portrait.
With that being said though, both of us really want to lose weight. I just don't like seeing myself at any weight b/c I'm not photogenic at all, but I agreed with him that when we both lose 50lbs.... we'll get a family photo done.
We shook on it and yep.... 50lbs. I have more than that I have to lose.. especially now that my weight has gone up some.
But I think it's doable. Just gotta get to that point where I can actually take some time to exercise with little interruption. 
Losing weight is mostly eating right, but exercising certainly helps... specially with just overall health. Plus I don't really want to go super super strict so exercising will help me when I want to eat something that's not so healthy lol.

2017..... bring it!!

I would really like to try that beachbody thing they have now where you pay 30something dollars 4x? a year or 3 a week and you can watch any video that they've ever released. That would be awesome! the workouts wouldn't get stale and boring since you could switch it up with a different workout.

Enough of that...

Ezra's gas STANKS!!
Holy moly... he's been so gassy since he hasn't been pooping as much and good googly moogly do they reek.
It's so gross lol. We'll be holding him and he'll fart. Won't think anything of it until the smell hits you.
Boy just needs to poop already. Get that gross diaper over with lol.

Ez also needs to stop waking up before his siblings in the morning damnit! lol
Zoe sleeps in until after 8 if Oren doesn't wake her, and Oren usually wakes up at around 7:30.
Awesome until Ez started up with this regression and wants to wake up at 6am fussing and carrying on. I've just been bringing him to bed with me. He'll squirm but will usually go back to sleep. It's not a restful sleep though so he'll move around a lot which keeps me from going back in to that nice deep sleep. Sigh. It's something, but wish he would just stay asleep in his bassinet.
It's gonna be such a PITA when we eventually move him to his crib. At least his room is right beside ours lol.

Ez is currently in the exersaucer heh. He's still too little for it so we have to help him out by putting a pillow under him and a blanket behind him hehe.
He seems to be enjoying it now though. Before, he just sorta sat there staring, but now he's actually pushing off w/ his feet and wiggling around all over the place. He's still not playing with anything on it, but he'll get there eventually.

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