Wednesday, December 21, 2016

4 days til Christmas, 3 sick babies, 2 tired parents, and a dirty house in the suburrrrbs

Yep, all 3 kids are sick.
It all started with Oren. Not sure where he caught it. Maybe church or from a shopping cart. Only places he goes lol.
Thankfully he's slowly getting better. At least I hope/think so. He's not coughing as much and not as snotty.
So much snot.... it's so gross how it just pours out so freely.

Zoe is starting to cough a bit more now. She never really got that snotty though.
And Ezra is a little snotty and has a cough. He seems to be getting a little better, but it's slow going.

Thankfully it's still not really a bad cold though. Really glad about that. I'm losing some sleep b/c of the coughing waking Ezra up, but I'll take it so long as they don't get sicker.

I imagine this is our life for the next 18+ years lol. One gets sick and passes it on to everyone else. Going to get really bad once Zoe starts school. All of those germy kids touching everything and eachother. Bleh.
So not looking forward to that. Also not looking forward to dragging all 3 kids out to take Zoe to school, but... gotta do what ya gotta do.

My mom is coming over today to see the kids. Ugh. That means I have to clean at least a little. lol
Oh I did the other day and seriously.. an hour later, you couldn't even tell. Not exaggerating at all.
Oh the carpet had been vacuumed so there weren't crumbs everywhere, but you couldn't really tell b/c of all the toys the kids took back out. Sigh...

We still haven't wrapped anything. Haven't even put out the stockings either.
We had been putting the stockings on the fireplace but Oren being the child he is... that would've been too dangerous. Want to just put them over the door to the sunroom, but both of us have just been too lazy to do it.
The presents though.... they would've been wrapped, but Zoe gets up constantly so we never know if she's really asleep or not so can't exactly drag out all the presents to wrap up without risk of her seeing everything. Frustrating b/c I want to put gifts under the tree. But then, I know Oren would be at the tree either opening everything or stepping on it all and picking everything up. Sigh... oh well.
It will be a big sight and surprise on Xmas morning when they see the gifts :)

Okedoke... gotta work on the frame some more. Need to stop slacking off and get some stuff done while I can.

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