Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tis the season to be bitchy!

Apparently DH thinks my bitching at him in the car about his driving makes him drive bad. Lol... no... just no.
Trying to put blame on me for his shitty driving habits... NOPE!
Oh, I'll point out if he's driving stupid, but I don't bitch about it and never have. Ok no.. I may have once or twice, but my comments are usually.. "You're too close." or something like that b/c he has a really bad habit of riding the ass of the car in front of us. I frickin hate it and yes.. I will tell him to back off b/c it's dangerous. That is hardly 'bitching'.
And he tries to tell me that he only drives bad when I'm in the car with him. Again.. LOL no.
That's why he got pulled over and recieved a warning when he was going to work for riding someone's ass. And also why the people at his work were like "Oh, YOU'RE the guy that drives the orange truck!" when they found out which car he drove (when he did still drive it), b/c he would always ride their asses on the way to work. So yeah... I don't think so dude. Own up to your own shitty ways.
My state is 6th is the crappiest drivers list...  and DH is not helping with that ranking.
Oh we do have some gawd awful HORRIBLE drivers here that make you want to rip your hair out and make you want to yell out every swear you know and don't know, but still.... don't be part of the problem.

Is it bad that I really don't want to see my SiL and brother? With the shit he pulled with my mom.... I don't have any desire to interact with them. ONly reason I will though is b/c of their kids.
I don't think SiL really knew about it.. or well.. knew the specifics about it, but she had to have known something was going on and just chose to ignore it.
Money didn't rain from the sky :\
I don't think anyone invited them for Thanksgiving either... probably b/c we all knew they'd make some excuse not to come. And YEP! They sure did.
Same one they used last year (their son was sick). We all know it's bullshit.
I know the only reason they'll show up for Christmas is to get the kids' presents. SiL always says that it's always b/c of my brother, but no.. she's had more than enough time to go get her license and to visit.. but she doesn't.
I'm not the most sociable person and lord knows I don't always want to go to family functions, but I do b/c there's no point in living this close to family if you never see them.
Just really REALLY hope their kids don't end up learning their bad habits.

In not to bitchy vents...

We're going to go see Christmas lights tonight! YAY! :D
It's over in the horrible traffic part of town, but damnit.. we're going! This is one of the only weekends we have free. Next week DH is helping with his church's nativity thing they do every year and the weekend after that... may be free but we still have to take the kids to see Santa and wwe gotta  see Star Wars :P lol

Gotta cut this short b/c Ez is being super fussy

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