Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pics and other stuff....

Pics first :)

Love the last one of Zoe. She was at first just giving him a hug and closed her eyes to do it. The photographer thought it was so cute so got Santa to close his eyes and pretend they were taking a nap. Love it :D
Really wish Oren had smiled though. He hadn't had a nap so he was a bit out of it as you can tell in the photos. He wasn't scared though and gave Santa lots of hugs.. and after the photos were done and Santa got up to go talk to some other kids... he ran back over to Santa's chair and sat on it lol.
They just made themselves at home.
Ezra was kind of hesitant. He gave a little smile while he was still in his car seat, but that was it.
Oh well... No tears this year which is a plus :)

I think next year we're gonna try going to a different Santa. While I'm sure the kids see it as awesome, the place is completely empty except for the single Santa wall, platform and the camera booth. It's just not magical at all. Maybe there's somewhere else that has a better looking setup.
We'll see what happens next year :)

But b/c of having to take the kids to see Santa, then having to go out and finish up some Xmas shopping and DH going to volunteer yesterday and tonight.... I haven't worked on that frame like I wanted to at all. UGH.
I got a little bit more done, but not nearly enough. I still have SO much to do on it and figure out. So much trial and error to see what's going to work. Frustrating b/c I would like to get it shipped out before Christmas. Hopefully if it does arrive after, the person won't mind.
I also got their girl this ugly ladybug stuffed toy, but it also doubles as a bag/storage thing. I think a toddler their age (Oren's age) would like it which is why I bought it. "Feeding" the toy other toys and learning to pick up stuff and making it a little fun :)
Hope they like it.

DH and I did not sleep well last night. Well.. I dunno why his sleep was bad, but mine kept getting interrupted by everything.
I had to poop, Ez woke himself up and wouldn't really settle back down completely. Eventually got up and pumped and he was wide awake. Thankfully he was at least content enough to just lay there and look around, but he didn't want to go back in his bassinet so I laid him down on my body pillow beside me. I dozed a little until... I'm not sure when. I put him back in his bassinet b/c I had to get up to pee anyway and he seemed to have finally settled.
That's when Zoe popped up and not sure what her deal was b/c she tossed and turned in bed with us. Nothing like bony 4yo elbows and knees in your back.
THEN Ez started fussing too, maybe an hour after Zoe came in the room and just uuuuuugh.
DH and I both were walking dead parents today. Just on auto really.

Ez is being super fussy right now. About to go change his diaper and change his outfit since he keeps spitting up and drooling over everything. Too cold for him to be all juicy lol.
I'm sure there was more I wanted to mention but lack of sleep is making my brain something something....

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