Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Still haven't cleaned...

I've been slacking so much and the mess just keeps building. I keep trying to get something done, but then something else needs to be done and cleaning gets pushed back.
A few toys on the floor... no problem. But the build up of it along w/ little specks of trash here and there from their fruit snacks or granola bars, etc drives me crazy.

Cleaning will get done..... eventually.

So tired this morning. It's a rainy overcast day so my energy level is even lower than it normally is.
Thankfully the kids slept in until 8 though. That was nice at least.
Hate being so low energy. Next year isn't going to be any better since Zoe starts school so that means waking all the kids up to drop her off. UUUUUUUGH.
I'm sleepy just thinking about it.
There needs to be more hours in the day.... more hours devoted to sleep..... SLEEEEEEEEEEEP

One of the kids (probably Oren) broke the protective glass on my phone case.. :\
Thankfully it's at the very top and not too bad. Or well.. it wasn't too bad until he got ahold of it again when I was cooking and decided he wanted to peel at the broken bits so made it worse /grumble
At least it wasn't the actual phone though and the case wasn't too expensive I think.

So we pick names to shop for for Christmas. I got aunt's husband. He's a bit quirky and likes quirky things. I was drawing a blank on what to get him though so asked aunt what he wanted....
Thermal shirts or long sleeve shirts........ -_-............
I mean, if it's what he wants.. fine... but damn... how boring. And considering we only have a $25 limit.... that will be like.. 1.. maybe 2 shirts :\

Ok.. that's all I can think of for now. Gotta throw away a damn whistle someone gave to my kids b/c people are assholes!! (we totally are too when it comes to giving other people's kids annoying shit.. muahahahaha)

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