Friday, December 9, 2016


I let Zoe sleep in bed with me. Yes, I'm pathetic and just wanted the company, plus it was just easier that way rather than waiting for her to come in later.
She was fine and seemed to sleep well.

DH got home sometime after 5:30. I woke up to him checking his alarm clock (that he forgot to turn off) and went right back to sleep.
Wish I could've slept in, but nope.
Ezra woke in the middle of the night (around 2am) b/c he got his little hand out of the swaddle and got all fussy about it. Brought him to bed until I got up to pump.

Anyway.... DH said that he really couldn't sleep. He had so much stuff hooked up to him and probably just being somewhere different and the anxiety of it all kept him from sleeping well.
He got there at about 8:20, but they didn't hook him all up right away. They were expecting some parents to bring in their 3yo at the same time and wanted to get the kid done first. Welp.... they didn't bring the kid in until 9. And by the time they were done with that and got back to DH... he wasn't done until 11pm. WTF?

But anyway, I'm sure they're used to people not sleeping well and hopefully they got whatever information they needed to get him a cpap.

Ezra has his 4m appointment today.
Length is about 40something percentile. Head circ is 99% (lol) and weight is at 35%. He weighed in at 14lbs 12oz. I can't remember the other measurements.
We'll be feeding him a bit more now too. I've been slowly increasing it from 4oz, but think we just need to just jump right to 5 for breastmilk. Most of the time, he seems satisfied with what he's fed, but sometimes, he'll get a little fussy wanting more. So more he's gonna get :)
He got 3 vaccines. Same ones he got last time. He only cried for a second. Oh and we were ALL there lol. Thankfully the other 2 kiddos behaved  (and got themselves some candy at the store after) so it wasn't that bad. Zoe got all worried when Ez did cry though. Awww, she's such a good big sister.

Oh and on the no yelling, less mean mommy front. Meh.. I'd say I'm doing... ok. Not great though, but I'm not yelling nearly as much.
I still need to do better though. It will get there with time :)
There is a difference in my stress level when I yell and when I don't. It's just that sometimes, I let that stress get to me and then I yell which only causes more stress. It's a vicious cycle.

Think we're taking the kids to see Santa this weekend. Hope the pic comes out well. I want to get some more pics of them together in their Xmas outfits too. I love having kids for Christmas.
It just brings back that little bit of magic that gets lost when you get older.

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