Sunday, December 18, 2016

The tale of the lost balloon

That makes it sound more epic than it actually was lol...
So yesterday, we had that birthday party to go to at noon which meant that we couldn't go grocery shopping (b/c we had to go to Walmart for other crap).
First.. the party was fine. Kind of awkward w/ the family that showed up since they didn't know us or the other coworkers, but it was all fine and the kids had a blast.
We decided to just go straight to the grocery store after.
All the kids were napping in the car and Oren in particular was not happy about being woken up.
He cried and carried on in to the store. SO much so that the woman that works the flower stuff came over to us and gave him and Zoe free balloons in hopes of it cheering him up.
It worked though so yay for that lady :D
Well, we finish shopping in peace, all thanks to her.
We get outside and I'm trying to get him out of the cart. The balloon keeps getting in the way and with my short arms and lack of arm strength, I can't pick him up with the balloon in between us.
So I frustratingly swipe it out of the way and go in to pick him up, it gets in between us again, but I already have him halfway out so I just keep pulling him up... well, the balloon weight (the magnet thing she put on the end so it wouldn't float away) must've caught on the cart b/c the balloon pulled off of the string and off it went to spend its life in the clouds.
You would've thought I had just killed all the puppies and kittens in front of him with the way he cried and screamed. Holy shit.
I felt so bad and so guilty for it.
I told him that the balloon floated away.
Well... his new word that he suddenly learned on the way home was "Away" and he kept repeating it over and over again.... just digging that knife in to my guilty wound.
Away? Away? Ball away? He calls balloons balls.
Sigh.... Told Zoe she had to share her balloon with him but yeah... not the same. Sigh....
Way to go me :\

Anyway... we got my rib roast and I can't wait to devour that sucker!! It's 6 or 7 pounds so a decent size. The rest of the family have their own steaks. I guess after 2 failed Christmas prime ribs they all just want to go with the classic steaks lol.
But yeah.. if mine turns out good... I want to take a little over to them. Rub their noses in its deliciousness! MUAHAHAHA

All the kids are sick and I'm sure DH and I are right behind them. This cold is definitely worse for poor Ezra. He's so congested sounding. He woke up in the middle of the night last night and wouldn't settle back down so I brought him to bed with me.
So much for not bed sharing. I know I shouldn't, but he settles down and I get more sleep out of it lol. I make sure the blanket isn't around his head and he's leaned up right against me. Even if I'm exhausted, I still wake up to the tiniest of the kids noises.
But still need to decrease the amount I am bringing him in to bed. Still doesn't feel safe enough.

Speaking of exhausted though.
I stayed up until just after 4am on Friday night. I was trying desperately to get the plushie frame done so we could mail it off on Saturday and... nope :(
I got some done, but not nearly enough.
DH is off this coming Friday so to say my secret santa person will be getting their stuff late is an understatement. Sigh. It's my fault for not working on it more during the week.
I messaged her and she was totally fine about it, but still.. I feel bad about it being late :(
At least this gives me a chance to really make it the way I want it though.
It's a Puffin Rock themed one. I did the bigger bird which turned out.. meh and I did do the little one too but it didn't turn out looking like I wanted. Just looked weird and I did the eyes too big so I was going to just leave it off. Now that I have time to work on it more, I plan on redoing the smaller bird and adding more details.

Anyway.. I was a total Mombie on Saturday. I did manage to get about 4 hours of sleep, but that was not nearly enough. I kept getting my words all mixed up and just felt like I was walking in a dream for most of the day.
SO tired.

Other than when Ezra started fussing last night though.... I slept like a log which was nice.
Still tired today, but that's normal lol.

As I said, the birthday party was fine. I'm horrible at chit chat. I'll do it if someone sparks up a conversation with me, but I don't initiate... ever.
Thankfully DH's coworkers are super nice and Zoe had SO much fun playing with them all.
Oren got dragged around too a couple of times, but he was fine just pushing around a play shopping cart and handing the stuff inside to people lol.
Oh he was SO cute though when some of their family showed up w/ a little 1yo. Or well.. he wasn't so little bc he was the same size as Oren lol.
But as soon as Oren saw him, he got this big smile on his face and shyly waved at the other little boy. /heart melts
It was SO gawd damn cute. The little 1yo didn't really know how to react so kind of didn't, but Oren kept trying to be nice to him and did his little shy wave.
OMG.... my ovaries want to explode just remembering the cute rofl.
Also the people throwing the party had one of those indoor small trampolines w/ that bar that's attached that you can hold on to. Zoe and Oren loved it.
Zoe knows how to jump... Oren.. not so much. He just sort of.. headbanged  on it rofl.

Ezra did his stranger danger thing. That is until one of DH's coworkers got him and he warmed up to her instantly. She's Filipino... and I just think Ezra likes Asians lol. He likes my mom even though he doesn't see her often and he liked the coworker, but aunt and MiL he sees a lot more often... he cries. lol
Maybe it's me? I don't think I look all that Asian, but maybe in his eyes, we all look similar enough that when he sees another Asian person, he sees someone that looks like me?
But see, that doesn't make sense b/c he sees DH all the time too so you would think he'd be comfortable with white folks. /shrugs

And totally random... we saw some wild turkeys the other weekend! I know that's not exciting. I just thought it was weird b/c I've never seen wild turkeys before lol. I live in the south though so hopefully some dumbass didn't decide to do some impromptu hunting. Would be a shame if someone harmed those turkeys considering their habitat is being torn apart for us hoomans.

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