Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It's been a decent weekend :)

First up..
We did some kid pics on Christmas Eve. It went ok.
By then, my patience was spent, DH was getting frustrated and the kids were being super hyper b/c the presents were coming out and getting them excited lol.
Had to remind DH that 3 kids 4 and under... we weren't going to get perfect pictures. He gets pretty anal about certain things and wants things "perfect".

Anyway, we got a few good photos (will post at the end).

Christmas went great. Night before, I cut out a foot print shape and sprinkled baby powder down to make it look like Santa left some powdery foot prints.
Zoe didn't stay in bed, but thankfully she didn't mess with anything before she came and laid with us.

The kids loved their presents. And LOVED the Batmobile Santa got them. Oren's giggles as soon as it started going were hilarious and Zoe's giant smile as she tried driving for the first time was awesome.
Before going to Granny's, Zoe said she wanted to drive the batmobile to granny's rofl.

Granny's was good. Ate a good big breakfast and finally opened presents. Lots and lots of presents. Holy crap the kids got so much stuff.
I had actually cleaned up a good bit and was trying to get the toy bins down to a fewer number, but that's not going to happen. We need something better than the bins we're using. Dunno what.. just something better though.

My brother and his family didn't show up though. That pisses me right off. Didn't even call anyone or anything.
I'm just so done with them at this point. There aint no gawd damn excuse to alienate yourself from everyone like they do. I understand being anti-social, but be social for your damn kids at least. They could've taken a couple hours out of their day to spend it with people that love them.... but nope.
They need to just fucking grow up already and get over themselves. Stop being so selfish, stop making bad decisions and get their shit together.
I'm just done.

Anyway, other than that, it was all good. The kids had a blast. Ezra was in a GREAT mood all day and gave pretty much everyone lots of smiles which made them all happy and it was just a really lovely Christmas :)

DH was off yesterday too. We wanted to go out early but I slept in a little late and we didn't go out until around 11:30. We did manage to get some discounted Xmas stuff though. WOO! lol

Anywho.. some photos from Christmas Eve

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