Thursday, December 8, 2016

So forgetful!

Always... After I pump and I'm trying to get back to sleep... I think about things I want to blog about... and then I promptly forget the next day.

DH has his sleep study tonight. Thankfully he has to be there at 8:30 so we'll see him at least a little bit before he goes in.
Oh... I hope he gets his cpap tomorrow and I hope it changes everything! It better damnit! lol
I mean, I guess I can live with his snoring.. I have for this long.... just really want him healthy though and sleeping better :)

I swear Ezra has the funkiest farts ever. WTH??
He gets formula once a day... sometimes twice, depending on how lazy we're feeling lol.
So it's not like his gas should stink. Oren and Zoe had more formula than this and their farts never stunk.
Ez's gas has made me gag. That's how bad they've been. And they've lingered around long enough to make me think that he pooped. UGH... it's so gross rofl.

And he's Soooooo drooly and always moist rofl. Yes.. I used the word moist... b/c it's gross and so is he! rofl
I've been putting bibs on him, but the ones that are just cloth, he soaks through in minutes. Doesn't feel like he's teething yet, but I guess he could be.
He has his appointment tomorrow morning.

Zoe's late night/morning ninja skills are getting better.
As I've said before... I wake up to any noise the kids make. She's gotten so good at opening our door that I won't know that she's been in our room until she's sneaking back out (after she sees that DH is still in bed... she can come lay with me if DH is already up and getting ready for work... or if it's almost time for him to get up and I don't feel like taking her back to her room lol).

I wish she did make more noise b/c I keep myself up thinking if the noise I think I hear is her coming in rofl. That happened before... and it was her, but I didn't see her when I glanced around the room. So I rolled over and BAM!! There she was... right in my face. Startled the crap out of me rofl.
I think she's gotten used to sleeping in the bed with us b/c she's definitely not as squirmy as she was before.
And now that I'm not a walking miserable baby oven... the extra heat from her snuggling up doesn't bother me lol.

Ok, gotta clean a little. I did nothing yesterday and this mess just keeps getting worse and I just keep putting it off. Need to do something while I'm thinking about it and while Ez is in a good mood.

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