Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry early Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

Probably won't be able to post before Christmas so posting now.

First up... DH caught a stomach bug which means we'll all have it soon. He started getting sick in the middle of the night and had to take off yesterday b/c of it. Sounds like he felt the same as I did when I got sick. Just weak, drained and awful.
I did get a little nauseous yesterday. Not sure what was going on there, but it never got worse than just some nausea.
He's feeling better today, but it's the same as when I got sick. Just feeling drained and low energy still.
Sigh... I hope I can avoid getting sick again, but well.. stomach bugs just hit you like a train. Hard to avoid them.
Not looking forward to the kids getting sick.
I haven't cleaned yet (lol) and really need to before they get sick. Bad enough they'll puke on the floor... don't need to floor covered in toys that I'll need to wash too lol.
Just hope that if it happens, it will before Christmas.
DH doesn't know where he got it from, but I'm sure it's from church. Someone posted on FB that it was going around there and that's the only place other than work that he's been.

DH wrapped some gifts today and we finally put up the stockings. Ezra has a little rinky dink stocking lol. We really didn't get him anything. Feel a tiny bit bad, but he doesn't need anything.

We have a lot more wrapping to do which I'm hoping to get done tonight. DH still has the motorized car to put together.

Thankfully I got my secret santa gift done... and I just realized that I completely forgot to get a frickin picture of it! Damnit!!!! Was just so happy that I got it done that I forgot. SIGH.
Maybe my person will post a photo of it. If she does I'll post that.
Geeze.... I think it turned out nice too and wanted to show it off but noooooooooooo :\

Ezra keeps spitting up on himself. He's still sick with a cough and the coughing makes him gag which causes him to upchuck. Bleh. We're going through so many outfits just in a day.
He's such a happy little baby otherwise. Well.. except for the usual of being tired and hungry... he's happy other than that rofl.

We still haven't gotten pics of the kids in front of the tree. Hoping to get that done tomorrow. It's supposed to be frickin 70 on Christmas so they won't be able to wear their Christmas outfits damnit.

Anywho.. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you do celebrate. :) Be safe everyone and be happy :D

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