Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Ok, I'm about to get harsh here and I apologize if I offend anyone.

My SiL is a DUMBASS. At least about this particular issue.
Not my brother's wife, but the one that made the rude comments to me when she was pregnant.

So apparently, my state is looking to make birth centers safer. How? By making them have a doctor on call at all times.
Here is a quote from a petition trying to prevent this law...

"a physician must be on call and available to provide medical assistance at the birthing center at all times that it is serving the public."

Doesn't sound unreasonable does it? If for whatever reason the midwives need some more advanced medical help, they can call up their doctor and there ya go.

They're not trying to close birth centers. Not trying to make CPMs become CNMs (although I wish they would).

But nope, you have people like my SiL thinking they're trying to take women's rights away by doing this. What???

I can't be the only one to think that this is a GOOD idea. It's not saying that the doctor MUST participate in all of the births at the center. It's not saying that the women MUST get medical interventions and MUST birth a certain way. No.. it's saying that there needs to be a doctor available there just in case.

I would think that having a doctor there that supports what the mother is doing would be even more reassuring too.
But apparently nitwit fantatic natural birthers are fucking FREAKING out over this shit b/c they think their rights are being violated.

Just.... UGH

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