Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 3 and stuff

Fixed deer last night. Just pan fried it like a steak. Tasted just like beef :P lol
Was expecting some weird flavor but nope. It was good though and it felt good that it wasn't some hormone pumped factory farmed animal.
Although it does kinda make you feel bad when you think about it running free, being a free animal and then BLAMMO... head shot....
Guess it's just best not to think about that o_O

Had some spotting today. UGH. AND my face is breaking out some. Double UGH UGH!
My body never fails to remind me how screwed it is.

Exercise today was still just some light stuff. Still warming this ball of fat up so hopefully I won't get all sore and stop when I start something harder.


Enough about me though.

Zoe is doing well :)
Most of her vocab is still baby babble, but it sounds like complete sentence baby babble.. if that makes any sense.
She's so cute :)
She is still refusing to walk though. I know she will eventually and she's doing SO well when we hold just one of her hands (it forces her to walk on her own a bit more w/ little support from us)... but she still won't stand on her own so therefore won't walk either.
I know I shouldn't worry but I do as I'm sure most parents do.

We're trying some new lotion and body wash on her. Hoping that it helps w/ her skin problem. It's not even eczema. It's those damn bumpy pimple looking things. The ones on her arms have almost gone away (for some reason), but now her legs are terrible. SO bumpy and terrible feeling. Thankfully still, they don't seem to bother her. We've started to lotion her a lot more during the day. A quick rub down w/ every other diaper change.

Also, it looks like she's going to inherit her daddy's teeth. DH isn't very happy with that.
There really isn't anything wrong with his teeth. His front 2 are very very slightly crooked. I mean it's barely noticeable, but of course DH notices it and hates it and with the way Zoe's teeth are coming in it resembles DH's.
Like the teeth right beside the front 2 are slightly behind them.. that's how Zoe's are.

Anyway, if she does have some dental issues, we have insurance that will at least cover a little of it. We'd make sure we could afford to get her braces and whatnot so she won't have image issues like DH did. Sigh, seriously.... there is nothing wrong with his teeth.

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Megan said...

Reagan has been getting those bumpy things on her face too lately. I'm thinking it is from all the drool since we are back at teething. What lotion do you use?

I don't use deer a lot but when I do I like to mix it in my chili and make my chili half deer and half beef.