Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 1

Of exercising that is.
Well I did do some last week, but I'm not going to count it since it was so little.

I'll keep at it for say... 30 days. It's just an arbitrary number so I'll actually have some sort of goal to look forward to.
I'm also going to try to stay away from the scale.

This first week is going to mostly be focused on easy slow exercises to warm my body up.
I've done the whole, jump right in and get sore as hell for a week after thing and yeah, that crap doesn't work. I get sore and don't want to do anything after it goes away. So this time.. I'm starting it off slow so my body gets used to things and will amp it up a bit more next week.
Sounds like a good plan so hopefully it will actually turn out to be one heh.

Also going to put the scale up. It's my enemy at this point. I'll bring it back out.. maybe weekly but will try for maybe every other week. I know weight can go up and down so much and weighing daily really will drive you crazy.

Okedoke, baby girl is awake and fussing. Damn this time change BS. Of course now that w/ Fall back, she wants to nap an hour earlier and wake an hour earlier. BOOOOO

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Megan said...

Take measurements, don't stress over the scale. Send me an email ( and I can get you the info on advocare and get you started on a 24 day challenge!