Friday, November 22, 2013


It's 1:30 and unfortunatly, I'm wide awake. Woke up with that awful stuck phlegm in the back of your throat feeling. My instinct is to keep trying to swallow it down and loosen it up but it just sticks there driving me crazy. So now I'm wide awake chugging down some water in hopes that the extra hydration helps to loosen it up some so I can eventually get back to sleep.

In better news... sounds like Zoe is getting better. She had a lot less snot today. Coughing more, but think it's from nasal drainage. She had a great 2nd nap and so far I haven't heard her wake up since going to bed. So YAY she's getting better while DH and I just get sicker lol.

I can't believe Thanksgiving (and Christmas) are almost on us. Geeze. I need to go ahead and start exercising. If things keep going this way, Zoe should be at least sleeping normally by Monday so I could start then. Hoping my sleep won't be too bad by then. Even if it is, I'll start anyway. I can't keep letting everything be my excuse for NOT doing it.

OOOO Christmas decor! I can't wait! :D We're getting a real tree this year and I'm so excited! Nothing against fake trees at all, I just hate the one we have. DH bought it on sale and it's one that already has lights on it. UGH I hate it. It's such a PITA b/c of the lights. Hoping to score another fake tree minus the lights this year.
It will be fun to show Zoe everything and get photos :) We still need to get her an Xmas outfit. Go to Once Upon a Child and get a 2nd hand one *nodnod*

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