Monday, November 11, 2013

Maybe I did?

MAN, I wish I could just remember to take OPKs every day! lol
I hate not knowing if I did or didn't ovulate.
This period is... I dunno. I want to say it's too heavy to be an anov one, but it's def not my usual either.

Maybe after seeing my new nephew tomorrow I'll have SUPER ULTRA BABY FEVER and will remember to do everything heh.
Oh and SiL is having her baby tomorrow :P lol
I'm so excited! She's having it at 10 and I'll probably try to be up there around then. Can't wait!
I do not envy my brother or their girls though. SiL was already super emotional when pregnant, is when not..... after pregnancy hormones... they better watch out! lol

It's already sending my jealousy and want in to overdrive though and I know seeing his cute little face is going to make it go crazy!

I'm kinda sad though. I'm excited for them, but it makes me remember how I was when other SiL was pregnant and... I dunno.. I feel pretty shitty for not being this excited for her. Yes, she was a huge bitch and said some crap things, and we were still struggling and going through multiple losses (doesn't help that we had the same DD.. UGH :( ).... but still. Makes me feel guilty.

Anyway, that's about it. Will post some photos of him tomorrow! MUAHAHAHA lol
It should be ok... most newborns look the same anyway. All wrinkled and adorable :P heh

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