Monday, November 25, 2013

Holy crapola

Just browsing clothes for Zoe. Looking for possible Xmas outfits and GEEZUS.... do people really spent 30+ dollars on a baby outfit that they'll only wear once?? MAYBE twice?
We went overboard last year with her outfit, but that can be forgiven for a 1st Xmas outfit. Bigger than that though... no way.

We went to Once Upon a Child yesterday to look for a Christmas dress, but they didn't have anything. Mostly Xmas PJs. We did find a couple of shirts and pants and one of her Christmas presents (that of course we've already given her but we'll put under the tree for photos heh).
It's an awesome shopping cart that came w/ a basket and some wooden food stuff. It's adorable and Zoe loves it :D

Oh speaking of which, she's doing the "I'm awake now come get me" call :P lol I'll post more later!

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Rian Eidson said...

Check out Best Dressed Kids! They are on #1 in Lexington. They always have Christmas dress and for $5-$15. I bought my daughters dress from there last year