Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's gonna be a long night

About to head to bed.
Zoe has already woken up about a half a dozen times already. Poor girl.
Can tell that she's having to breath through her mouth so sucking a pacifier isn't going to work.
My poor baby girl. UUUUUGH please don't get worse and PLEASE sleep through the night!
Let it be a cold where she just wants to sleep or snuggle and then it goes away quickly.. :P lol

Oh and she puked tonight. BLEH! It wasn't from being sick though. DH was feeding her some eggs and she gagged on them and just harfed up everything. You just don't realize how much vomit stinks until you have to clean it up. lol
Thankfully it didn't seem to freak her out any and.. this is gonna be gross... she ALMOST ate some of the egg she barfed up before I got to her lol. She was picking some of it up that plopped on to her high chair tray and it was like a slow motion movie moment.
Me leaping out of my chair, arm and hand stretched out to her yelling "Nooooooooooooo"lol

Tomorrow is going to be... so fun.
For some reason DH thinks we have to do some top to bottom cleaning of the house.
Now the house does need some cleaning and while it's not my idea of fun, I do it, but the amount he wants to do? Uhm.. no thanks.
Some person is supposed to be coming on Tuesday. Not sure who, but it's someone that is NEVER coming here again sooo... yeah. I'm not saying we shouldn't clean some, but dang... cleaning this much for a stranger is crazy.
We do really need to wash and fold clothes. We have a mountain of both. Dirty in our bathroom, clean in our bedroom lol. UUUUGH I hate folding! I don't mind washing at all, but needing to fold... BLEH!

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