Monday, November 25, 2013



So Zoe and I are still sick. We're both getting over the colds though. Zoe's nose is still pretty runny and she's still coughing some but she's sttn again for the most part and other than a snotty nose doesn't actually look sick. Myself, my nose is pretty stuffed up and I'm coughing a little, but otherwise I'm ok. I have very little sense of taste and absolutely no sense of smell. That comes in handy when changing poopy diapers lol.
DH is a little sick. It could turn out like my cold did. Not that bad at first and then it hits you one day.
Good thing he has A LOT of sick days built up.

What else what else...
I have been remembering to take OPKs every day and absolutely nothing is happening. Same old light lines on them that I usually get. I'm on cd18 so.. yeah.
It's not that surprising since I'm sick and stopped exercising. Really need to start back up with that again now that I'm not as sick and sleep isn't interrupted by a sick baby.
This week is shot for shit when it comes to diet though. DH and I both just said screw it and yeah. We'll pay for it when we pack on some weight and get all bloated and feel gross though.
Why does junk food have to taste so damn good!?

Have some video and photos to post from my phone. Just have to stop being lazy and do it already.

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