Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kids are gross

Seriously... I can't even count how many times I've had Zoe sneeze and cough right in to my face... and she's only 15m old!!
I just hope my immune system is ready for this ride b/c... damn.

I already have a scratchy phlegmy throat right now. Thankfully that's the only thing wrong with me but with the way she keeps spraying me with her juices... BLEH!

Last night was unintentionally better for sleep. We turned down the volume on the monitor and I may have turned it down too much b/c I woke up at around 4 wondering why I hadn't gotten woken up sooner. Well, that's b/c I couldn't actually HEAR her on the monitor :P lol
Thankfully she's ok though. I think just letting her cry and get upset when she's woken is helping her cope a little better and get herself back to sleep quicker.

The snot though.... there's just so much of it!!! Every time she sneezes there is this giant glob of gooey grossness streaming down her face and I have to rush to her before she gets a hand to it. You do kinda become immune to the gross, but every once in a while that revulsion hits you again like a ton of snot and poo covered bricks.

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