Friday, November 8, 2013

Ok then... o_O

So the spotting has continued and last night apparently it got a little heavier b/c I leaked some this morning. WTH?
Probably going to be a long drawn out anov period or something.
This is cd 29 of this cycle so.. maybe.
I haven't been taking OPKs every day. Just forgot to some days, but all the other days that I did... not even close to being +.
Whatever though... if my body wants a new cycle, then bring it! If I don't have to take provera again, awesome!

SiL might be delivering her boy on Tuesday!! :D I'm so excited to see what he's going to look like!
I'm SO worried about their house though. My dumbass of a brother still smokes inside and their house just totally wreaks of smoke and stank.
I offered to come over and help clean, but I think SiL is too embarassed or something.
I asked her if she wanted people to visit in the hospital or wait until they're home and she said she didn't want anyone to come inside their house.
Well maybe you wouldn't be embarassed by it if you ya know.. did that thing called CLEAN every once in a while.
I hate cleaning, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do and I don't want my nephew to go home to a shitty environment that's not good for him or any of them for that matter.
Going to try one more time to see if they want some help cleaning. They really don't have to be embarassed about their mess with me. I used to live with DH's parents.. I know what mess looks like. And as a teen, I wasn't exactly a neat freak or anything either.

Worried and excited for them. Going to bitch out my brother if he continues to smoke inside.

 Read an article someone wrote on secondary infertility. It really hit home and it sucked to see that so many couples suffer it.
I'm grateful eternally that we have our little Zoe though. I want her to have siblings. If we never have another bio child, then I think I really would like to adopt.
So many out there that need a loving family to call their own and yeah... our household would be that :)
Even if we do have another bio child... I think I still would like to adopt.
We'll see though. I'm not out of this reproductive race yet.

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