Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ok... time to stop

Say 6 of this period and... yeah, it can go ahead and stop now. I dunno, I'm on the fence on if I ovulated. Grrrr, stupid body!
Oh crap, I forgot to post yesterday!

So SiL had her boy on 11/12/13. I didn't even realize what the date was until she mentioned it LOL.
He is SO damn cute! Little smooshed face. He was 7lbs 9oz!!!! At 37w!!!!!! He probably would have been 9 pounds if they had let her go on longer.
Everything looked good though. He has a head full of hair, and is just so darn cute. His hair is dark brown but not like Zoe's or his sister (the 7yo). Can't really tell who he looks like yet. Not with his smooshed little face :D

Went to visit SiL and them this morning. Couldn't frickin find a dang parking spot anywhere near the front entrance and had to park WAY over by the obgyn office/parking garage. It's seriously a mile+ walk to where they were. Got my exercise in for the day :P LOL

He is just so darn adorable!! GAAAAAAAAH It's so easy to forget just how tiny these little babies start out :D Oh my gosh, I want another so bad! hehe
Poor SiL though is getting NO rest. With the nurses coming in every couple of hours, the baby making noise, and my brother.
My brother is such a giant DICK. He's like SiL's 4th child. He will not let her sleep. At least he didn't when I was there. Not sure WTF his problem is. I hope SiL smacks the shit out of him if he keeps it up. He's the definition of Manchild.

Anywho, been taking them some food when I went up. Not sure if I'm gonna go tomorrow. I'm sure they're probably sick of me by now lol.

Zoe seems to kinda enjoy going up there. She was baby flirting like crazy with this male student nurse yesterday. He would come in with the main nurse and Zoe would look at him and just start smiling and laughing and baby talking to him REALLY loudly lol. It was adorable and hilarious :D

She wasn't sure what to make of the baby. She didn't try to hit him or anything thank goodness. I think she understood that she had to be gentle. And she can kinda say his name which is really cute :D It's not exactly like it of course, but when you say it to her to repeat, it's obvious what she's trying to say... if that makes sense heh.

Speaking of my little bug.... she's so cute :D
Forgot to update about her appointment too.
She had it on Monday. She's only gained like 4 oz since her 12m appointment, but the doctor didn't seem worried or anything.
She was feeling the back of her head. Zoe's always had that flat spot and apparently it is a bit indented. Doc didn't say if it's something to worry about but did keep feeling it. I honestly never really noticed it. I was just so used to it being kinda flat so never paid much attention to it, ya know? She didn't say we had to worry so I'm not going to.
What else...
She had us walk Zoe some while holding her hand. She just wants to make sure Zoe is progressing with her walking. She told us that if she's not walking on her own in a month to call and we'd get set up with a physical therapist. She said it's nothing to worry about, just a precaution.
Also said if the burt's bees lotion we switched to isn't working on Zoe's skin problem to call and she'd refer us to a dermatologist.
So yeah... of course as soon as she said not to worry..... I worried lol
I know some kids take a while to walk and will get there on their own but... I think Zoe may be the last or one of the last to walk in my DD group. It does worry me a lot but watching her walk w/ her walker, we can see that she does a good job with that.
Hopefully she'll do it on her own soon.

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