Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Green Eyed Monster

Yep, it's rearing it's ugly head.
Another BFP in my DD group and while I am very happy for her and all of the others before... it still sucks that we haven't even had a real chance yet.
So yeah... jealousy is bubbling up inside of me and making me feel a bit hopeless atm :(
Just wish I were one of the lucky ones that HAD to use protection instead of meh... no protection needed b/c there's no ovulation going on here!... sigh
It's my own fault and that's what pisses me off the most.
I procrastinated for SO damn long about losing weight that now.. here I am, desperately wanting to be pregnant again and not even having a chance at it b/c I let laziness win.

This is a time when better late than never doesn't work b/c of my age.
Waiting too long means our chances are going to be even less.

Sigh, ok enough moping around. Going to go play some Just Dance and get my sweat on while trying to have some fun.
Wish it had more songs that I actually liked but.. meh. Work with what you have.

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