Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poor Zoe, and us

Last night was rough. Zoe kept waking every hour and was just so miserable w/ her stuffy nose and most likely BLAH feeling.
She's having some serious leakage and booger bubbles happening today. Going to hve to keep some tissue and wipes close by so I can wipe away all of the snot. Also have to make sure she's getting enough fluids.
She's def not eating like she normally would and hadn't had enough to drink yesterday. Her diaper this morning was full, but had that yellow tint to it which it usually doesn't have.

She seems to be ok when she's awake, it's just sleeping we're having issues with.

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Shari said...

Colds for the little ones suck. You can try saline nose spray and then suck it out. Athena had an ear infection at 13-14 months old and the doc said benedryl was fine to help dry her up. I know some people aren't hip to it, but I can't imagine being sick and not being able to blow your own nose or really have any idea what is going on.