Saturday, November 9, 2013


Is it a coincidence that I get my period after I started exercising? Who knows but I'm going to take it as a good sign.
It's not a normal heavy period, but it's def something more than just spotting.
Plus last cycle was a 28 day cycle which is considered to be normal. Well, normal length anyway.
I'll take it though! Now to continue exercising and hoping it helps my body to ovulate :D May have to buy more OPKs and actually remembering to take at least one every day.

I'm really not expecting to lose a lot of weight these last 2 months. There are just too many birthdays and then the 2 major holidays. It's going to be difficult not gaining anything lol.
But still.. w/ the continued exercising, I'm just hoping it helps to start regulating my hormones a bit more. :)

Totally forgot that Zoe has a walker even though it's right there in the living room. DER.
Just one of those things you get so used to seeing that you end up overlooking it.
Anyway, made Zoe grab it the other day and she was off! lol
She loves that thing now that she knows she can walk with it. She doesn't know how to turn so will often run in to something that stops her and she'll start whining heh.
She's doing really well with it though. She still doesn't have that confidence to walk on her own yet, but she'll get there.
She has her 15m checkup on Monday. Can't wait to see how much she has grown. She's outgrown most of her 12m stuff now and her 18m stuff fits her well. I think she's going to be growing out of the 18m stuff soon though.... unless growth starts slowing WAY down soon.

We went to Old Navy today since they have a 30% off sale. Saw a cute shirt I wanted to get her. We ended up getting her a few larger size shirts on clearance. Nerdy Star Wars stuff heh.
Love buying her clothes :D Hate it for myself, but for her? Yes please!

She is such a goofy silly child. I'm sure a lot of toddlers are like this since they're really starting to come in to their own.
If she hears people laughing, she'll laugh. It's SO cute. Like if I watch a comedian on Netflix and she's watching it with me, she'll laugh if she hears the audience laughing :D How cute is that?
Also I would say "Good good" when feeding her food and she's been saying that now too. Usually when it's something she loves like yogurt. She'll eat it and then she'll say (w/ yogurt still in her mouth) "Good good". SQUEEEEEE
She's so cute I just want to eat her! Ok not really but you know what I mean. :D

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