Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poor Zoe pt 2

Man, her cold is getting a little worse. Still no fever thank goodness, but her congestion is getting worse. It's so gross when she sneezes. That nasty glob of snot coming out of her nose and running down her face. BLEH! lol
My poor girl.

She could hardly sleep at all last night which of course kept us up as well. A few times, we had to just let her cry herself back to sleep. We would check on her but us checking on her made her want to stay up when she was beyond tired. I'm talking eyes half open (if that) and nodding off all over the place.
It was so sad to see.
Went out today and bought her some Vicks baby rub stuff and a saline spray. Put some of the rub on her chest and put her down for a nap. Haven't heard anything so taking that as a good sign that it's at least doing something to help her.

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juliane2004 said...

Put vicks on her feet and cover with socks!