Friday, November 15, 2013

Ask and ye shall recieve!!

Well, at least about my period anyway. It's pretty much gone gone gone now :D WOOO!
It's still making me question if I ovulated and damnit, I hate hope that I could have!
Ordered more OPKs and I'll start testing soon :)
I know my hormones are back to doing their PCOS BS though b/c my hair is starting to fall out like it used to.
Hate taking a shampooing my hair b/c my hands ALWAYS come back w/ strands of hair that have come out.
Thanks body for making me feel even less attractive :\

After visiting w/ SiL and their new baby.... my baby fever is off the charts. It's going crazy and I want another NOWS!!! lol
I was so out of it those first few weeks with Zoe that I really couldn't enjoy the newborn phase so it's so cute and almost new holding my lil nephew :)

I keep looking for Big Sister toddler shirts for Zoe. Most of them say Little Sister though. I want to buy one so bad, but who knows when we'll actually have another, ya know.

Need to start exercising again. Took this week off since I was visiting with them at the hospital and didn't feel like doing anything when I got home. Next week will be a good start up though :) Gotta kick some ass and LOSE some of this ass :D

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