Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great Thanksgiving :D

Just a really nice day that ended well.
Lots of good food with family.
Unfortunately, my brother and his wife used their baby as an excuse not to come but whatever, it's their loss. I know they just had a baby and while that would be a good legitimate excuse for most, I know them. Anyway.... enough about that...

I made a non-traditional pecan pie. The filling is just sugar, eggs and pecans. No corn syrup. It's SUPER SUPER sweet but delicious.
Also made a pecan praline pumpkin pie. It's awesome. I'll give the recipe if anyone is interested.
And I made a corn casserole. I added 2 teaspoons of sugar and that was it. Kept it the same and it was pretty tasty if you enjoy corny stuff. Oh and I cooked it for an hour instead of 45m like the recipe says.

Wish DH had let me buy another turkey so we could have our own again but whatever heh.

Zoe was loving all of the attention and had a great time too. It was so cute b/c her little cousin kept wanting to hug her. Unfortunately Zoe can't stand on her own yet so when she went to hug, Zoe kinda plopped and started crying and didn't want anymore after that heh.. oops.

Anyway, the big news of the night though was when MiL was talking on the phone with SiL (DH's older sister).... come to find out that SiL is PREGNANT!
I am just so friggin excited for her. I think she's going to be 39 on her next birthday and she has really bad endo so this is really a miracle. Doesn't help that her and her husband are both in the navy so are very rarely at home at the same time. They finally took a late honeymoon to Hawaii and I guess that's where they got lucky :P lol
Anyway, so happy for her. I know she's been wanting this for a long time. Before she even got married years and years ago, she kept talking about going to a sperm bank, adopting etc etc. She's gonna be such a great mom.
So excited that Zoe is going to have another cousin close in age too :D Love that they're all going to grow up and hopefully be close to eachother. Well, that's if she moves back to the east coast. She's in California right now.
Thankfully with her being pregnant, she doesn't have to go on anymore ships though so yay for that at least heh. Although she'll miss out going to the various locations.
It's still super early though. She's due in July and gosh.... I really hope this is it for her.

And lemme tell ya, hearing that news just put my already baby fever in to hyper overdrive.
We've had our bad food fun. My cold is slowly but surely going away.
It's time to get BUSY!
We may have a slip up once in between now and Christmas since DH signed up for the cookie exchange at his job, but that should be it.
And I plan on starting exercising again on Monday. Going to work my ass off until the new year and beyond :)
Maybe I can get us a September baby hehe... that way we'll have consecutive babies... July, August, September, October, November :D
But yeah... just have to stay committed!!

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