Wednesday, April 12, 2017

/cough /hack /cough some more

This damn cough needs to let up already. It's not as juicy, but now that tickle in my throat is causing me to cough just as much if not more.
Also... I've been blowing my nose a lot and I guess it has had enough b/c I started bleeding last night and wouldn't frickin stop. When it finally did, I went to sleep only to be woken up later in the night to my nose bleeding all over my face. After that, I couldn't really get to sleep very well b/c I was paranoid about it starting back up again.
And today.. made the mistake of blowing it again and yep... started bleeding.

And if you're in the market for a tablet... avoid kindles!!!
I don't know WTF is wrong with Zoe's but it keeps dropping the wifi connection for no GD reason. Piece of crap if you want to do anything online /grumble

Pics! Finally uploaded some from the camera. :D

She's getting so darn big!

Rocko! I swear it's so difficult getting a good photo of this pup when he's awake. This is an early photo of him though. He's grown quite a bit now.

Zoe wanted Oren to dress in her traditional Korean outfit thing. I had to do it and he looked adorable even with his dirty face lol :D

She had to dress up too :D

 Baby Ez just being cute as a button. He's sitting up so much better and he'll scoot backwards, but still not crawling. Fine with me. He gets around perfectly well in his batmobile :)

Oren's refusal to pose for the camera is still in full swing. I'll take what I can get I guess hehe

 Cute pic of them dancing when they got all dressed up

And my little Darth Zoe........ with her war paint. ;)

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