Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm so tired!

Forgot to post yesterday b/c I couldn't keep my eyes open. Was planning on posting once Oren went down for a nap, but I was just SO tired.
Was also planning on going through toys and figuring out what to donate.

SO many toys to go through. I've had it with this toy clutter and I want at least half of it gone. The kids don't even play with most of the crap they have. They don't need this much junk.

Oh... and Oren managed to climb out of his crib. It only happened once, but I'm sure he could do it again if he wanted.
We'll be switching him to a toddler bed soon I guess. Noooooooooo lol
Even more reason to get rid of a lot of this clutter. So when he gets out of bed and plays in his room, he has more room to do it and hopefully won't make a giant mess. Hahahaha yeah right.

Ezra finally popped a top tooth. It's not one of the front ones, but one beside those. His teeth are coming in like Zoe's did. All uneven. Oh well :P
Still no crawling, but meh.

Zoe is so damn dramatic. I have to remind myself that she is only 4 so everything is going to be over the top reaction from her.
She has a mosquito bite on her arm that she scratched last night. Cue the freak out! She didn't even draw blood or anything.. it just had that crusty clear 'scab' on it and her scratching made it ooze a little more. That was it. But holy crap, you would've thought her arm was about to fall off with how much she was crying and carrying on about it.
I get so annoyed and frustrated when she starts up, then feel guilty b/c again... she's only 4.
I need to do better with my patience.

She's still coming in to out bed every night. Funny how before, I hated being touched when I sleep. I still don't like it and would prefer not to be touched, but I've gotten used to it now. Other than getting knees and elbows in my back or my face.... I sleep fine when she gets in bed.
Again.. I'm going to enjoy the snuggles for now while she's still little and wants them b/c she's going to grow up and not want hugs or anything.

DH is going out of town tomorrow Thursday and won't be back until Friday night. Bleh. Not happy about it, but it's his job and he's only going to be about an hour or so away. Still.... BLEH! Just mostly worried about him being safe on the road. There's a reason why our state is always ranked as having the worst drivers and it scares me that he's gonna be out there. He's riding with other people though so that will at least make him drive safer.
I shouldn't complain. I know there are other families where one parent is gone for even longer b/c of work or separation.

I think that's about it for now. :D

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