Thursday, April 13, 2017

I love my AC!

It's not that it's really hot, but it gets to an uncomfortable temp early afternoon now and yes... that wonderful beautiful AC has been coming on! Sweet sweet central AC.
Now to just work up some energy to go take a shower b/c WOOO do I stank!

Speaking of being classy....
We decided one day the other week to go to this chicken place that's across town. We cut through town instead of taking the highway. You have to go through a very old poor section. Not dogging on poor people at all.
These 2 nasty assholes however...
There's a really old trailer park on that road. Again.. nothing wrong with trailers at all, but this particular park is run down and decrepit with most of the trailers falling apart. So these 2 people are standing in front of the trailer park. One of them was a woman standing at the road at the bus stop, while her partner? brother? Whoever was off a little behind her pissing by the side of the road in to some bushes.
No.. bushes would make it seem like they were big and lush and had leaves on them. No.. these were more like dead twigs sticking up out of the ground that would give absolutely no cover if you're trying to hide what you're doing. Thankfully that nasty asshole wasn't pointed at the road, but he was slightly pointed towards oncoming traffic. I can't imagine the gross view those poor drivers got.
Just... damn... really??? Must you be that frickin gross???
And this is a super busy road too, so it's not like there was only 1 or 2 other cars.

My cousin just told me she's 16w pregnant with a very very accidental surprise baby lol. She already has 3 kids.. her oldest just started HS.
Whoopsy! lol
She's a really good mom though so I know she's gonna be ok.
She's still freaking out about it though. I would be too honestly. Hell... I still look at Ezra and can't believe we have 3 kids.
I'm really happy for her.
Just wish we lived closer. Could give her all of this baby stuff we won't be needing any longer.

Keep asking DH if he knows anyone at work or at church that could use some baby stuff. We already gave away a couple boxes of size 2 diapers to people that are expecting their 2nd at church.
I'd rather give it away to someone that needs it rather than to goodwill or Once Upon a Child.

Part of me wants to pack up all this stuff and take a road trip to see her lol. But then I come to my senses and remember that traveling with kids this young is not fun :P

Alrighty, time to find the kids some clothes, towels, get myself some clothes and wash the funk away!

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