Thursday, April 27, 2017

And the tables have turned

Mommy is the one to get the kids sick for once!  MUAHAHAHAHA
Yeah joke is on me b/c I gotta take care of them while I'm still sick too... sigh.
So far it's just Oren, but I'm sure it will be all of them soon enough. Sigh. He woke up crying at 6am this morning and his coughs sounded so chesty and bad. Poor guy. Feel so bad for getting him sick :(

I'm feeling meh still. Sweaty still and a bit more stuffy but my nose isn't stuffed up. It's weird b/c the feeling is still making me mouth breathe and I can't smell that well or taste that well.
Coughing is still awful. It's a little more mucousy but it's still mostly just that damn tickle making me cough.
You would think our immune systems would be able to combat this shit in no time lol.
Oh well.. it could be worse.
 It's still pretty shitty though...

This cold has been a good distraction from food, so diet has been going well :D
Do crave something tangy/tart and sweet after dinner, but it's not a huge craving or anything thankfully.
At the beginning of the week, I weighed Monday night. Forgot to weigh in the morning. I was something like 227.something. Weighed again Tuesday and was at 226 or so.. I can't remember.
This morning it's at 221.7.
Only weighed just to get a starting point really. Still plan on doing my clothes idea I had earlier. Go by how my clothes are fitting instead of the scale. I just have to pick out some clothes. Shouldn't be a problem... I have drawers full of pants that my ass can't fit in any longer :(
One day though! Oh yes.. One day and I'll fit in to those clothes and my fat clothes will get packed up and donated!!!

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