Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Double Ear Infection

Poor Zoe. She came in to our room last night at midnight.
First... I tried making her take the cough syrup. Seriously... why does cough syrup still taste like poison?? It tastes exactly the same as it always has and it's disgusting. You would think someone would've found a way to make it taste better by now.
Anyway.. she was resisting and shook her hand on purpose so it spilled everywhere.
So I told her that if she wasn't going to take it, she had to go back to her room.
I laid back down, but I knew I wasn't getting back to sleep b/c I could still hear her crying and by then, Ezra had started to cry too. Also my mouth and throat dried out which always sucks and gets painful so that kept me up too.
She eventually comes back in at around 130 or 2.. I can't remember. I get her to drink a little bit of the cough syrup. It doesn't do much of anything though.
She coughs on and off all night long and Ezra is also being miserable and crying and fussing all night.
At around 4 (I've fallen asleep and gotten woken up twice. I slept all of about 20mins)... she wakes up to go use the bathroom and comes back saying that her ear hurts. Give her some tylenol, she's still complaining that her ear hurts but she does eventually get to sleep finally after 5:30. I eventually get back to sleep too at around 6..... and then got woken up at 6:30, then 7.

Last night SUCKED.

Zoe sleeps in until after 9. I wake her up b/c the weather is supposed to be terrible today (thankfully just thunderstorm and heavy rain in my area) and I wanted to get her seen early to avoid having to come out in bad weather.
Take her to urgent care b/c I figured that would be quicker than taking her to her pediatrician.
Blahblahblah... they checked her for strep and flu which thankfully both came back negative, but both of her ears show signs of an ear infection.

Was going to wait until DH picked up her meds on his way home, but her ears have slowly gotten worse for her so I packed the kids up at 2 and went to get her meds. Weather was just starting to get back but thankfully... just heavy rain w/ a little bit of lightening. Nothing horrible.

Sigh... feel so bad for her. I can imagine how painful her ears must be. Just hope the antibiotics starts to work quickly. Hoping that by tonight the pain will have eased up some.

Ezra looks to be getting sicker too. He's got some major eye boogers. He's not coughing more or anything.. just the eye boogers and troubled sleep.

Thankfully it seems like Oren is getting better finally. His nose isn't as runny. He has a cough, but I think it's just from sinus drainage.

I just want us all to not be sick already!!!

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