Friday, April 14, 2017

Almost had another accident

Oren almost had another fingers in the door accident yesterday.
For some reason, the kids like opening and closing the doors. Had the back door open like usual and hear them playing with the door. Yell at them to stop and then Oren starts crying.
I get up and yep.. sure enough, Zoe had her hand on the door trying to close it and he had his fingers by the hinges being smooshed.
Thankfully he was ok and nothing was wrong with his fingers. Could've been taking another trip to the hospital though.... sigh.

Also... are all kids hypochondriacs? I swear.. every little bump, bruise and scratch Zoe gets, she acts like she's dying or needs some kid medicine or a bandaid for it. When we refuse, she'll cry and whine for a little bit then poof.. all better and acts like nothing happened. That is until she's reminded of said 'life threatening injury' later on and repeat the process all over again.
I swear....
She plays outside.. climbs on things, plays in the dirt, etc. You would think she'd be used to all of that by now lol.

Ezra is good. Giving him a lot more floor time. He's sitting up really well on his own. He'll topple over eventually, but he can sit for a long time.
He still hates long tummy time though and just does not roll from back to tummy. He goes to his sides though and will roll around that way, but that's it. /shrugs

He slept like shit last night. Pretty sure it's from teething. Can feel a top one either just broken through or almost broken through the gums.

Which reminds me... I need to get better so I can finally schedule my wisdom teeth removal and the implant thing put in. Not looking forward to that, but these wisdom teeth need to be removed. I know they're gross and one of them is still kind of under a flap of gum. I get food stuck in there every once in a while and it causes it to get inflamed. Plus I can't brush them very well so... yeah.. bleh gross.

Spotting has been on and off. It did get a little heavier, but then disappeared once again. So far, there's been nothing today, but it's done that before and started during the night.
So irritating :\

And if you haven't noticed, I haven't mentioned healthy anything lately. I have not been worried about it since getting sick. It will happen.... just not at this moment. It needs to happen soon though and I promise myself that it will.

Anywho, I think that's about it. Nothing too exciting is going on here. Just trying to get better and trying to keep the kids from killing themselves or eachother.

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