Friday, April 7, 2017

Excuse me while I offend your tender asses (rants ahead if you couldn't tell)

Anyone else tired of this ultra PC world we live in?? How about all of those nice made up gender names that people have given themselves b/c gawd forbid they stick with what's already out there.
I read a good article about people needing to stop romanticizing birth. Great article other than the author feeling the need to say "pregnant persons".
Fucking what???
Last I checked... women were the only ones able to be pregnant and give birth. Sure... a transgender person can get pregnant and mentally, they can see themselves as male, but they're still a woman physically. NOTHING is going to change that. No amount of surgery and hormones will ever make the person actually the other sex.... and it should not fucking offend people to still say pregnant women.
Just.. UGH.... I don't think my eyes could've rolled more after seeing that horse shit.

THEN... there was an article about a woman that had an almost 14lb baby.
I mentioned gestational diabetes and if she had it or was monitored.
Do not care what anyone says... there is no gawd damn way that woman didn't have diabetes. There is no way that was a NORMAL pregnancy that produced a 14lbs child. Not unless she was pumped full of sugar and carbs 24/7 the entire time.
But of course you have all the idiots coming out saying that big babies can happen. No....14lbs is not something that just fucking happens to someone for no reason.
Maybe she was tested and maybe it did come back negative.
So did my pregnancy with Ezra and I damn well did have it. It just wasn't severe enough to show up on the test.
No I'm not a doctor, but I really do think that a lot of these big baby cases where the woman supposedly doesn't have it, they actually do... or it's more like a insulin sensitivity where they should still go on a restrictive diabetic type of diet.
It's not a coincidence that the 1 pregnancy that it wasn't diagnosed.. the 1 where I didn't watch what I ate.. my baby came out 2lbs heavier than the other 2.

But like I said... not a doctor so whatever. Just opinion :P

I'm just really sick of everyone being offended by every little gawd damn thing though. You can't go on any kind of social media site now without reading about how someone is offended by some other little fucking nothing now.

How do people have that much time to get offended at everything?? I mean seriously...
It's like Target getting rid of their "boys and girls" toy section labels. Did it really fucking bother people that damn much??? If your boy wants a doll.. then BUY HIM ONE. What.. are you going to look at the store sign, see that it say "girl toys" and not do it just b/c of that?
Are you an idiot? B/c you are if that was stopping you.

I must be hormonal b/c this stuff usually doesn't bother me this much. Sure.. it makes my eyes roll extra hard, but not enough to need to rant about any of it

Ok.. that's enough.... I've spent too much time on this crap anyway.

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