Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I guess it makes sense

Just sitting here wondering how I ended up being the sickest person in the house, but it makes sense. I'm the one that all the kids hang off of and I'm home all day with them so I'm exposed more.
But yeah... I'm the sickest..... yay me? :\
Kept getting low grade fevers yesterday. Thankfully not too bad but still made me feel low energy.
I'm mostly just chest congested and coughing.
My coughs are so juicy and mucousy right now. It's disgusting. Coughing so much has made my ribs, throat and head hurt too.
Last night I woke up and thought that Zoe was snoring next to me. NOPE.. not Zoe.. I was hearing my congested chest making a rattly wheezing sound whenever I breathed out.

I haven't been this sick in a very long time.... and it sucks.
FX that it ends soon.......

Thankfully the kids seem to be mostly well. They still cough every once in a while, but that's about it really.
You would think Zoe was dying this morning though. Asked her to pick up her toys and she told me she can't bend over b/c she has a mosquito bite on her leg....... sigh.

Anywho... really not much else has been going on. Just sitting on my butt all day trying to wish away this damn cold.

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