Sunday, April 16, 2017

GD it?? Are we getting sick again??

I'm still coughing up a lung every day. Not as much mucus, but what is in there doesn't want to move which is causing all of this coughing.
Hate it b/c it gets worse when I lay down so I end up keeping DH up with my coughing.
Cough medicine only works so well :\

Also, my nose is starting to run again. Oren's too and Zoe has developed a cough again. Not a bad one, but she'll cough some at night when she comes to lay with us.
What, The, FUDGE!

Anywho, the whole family, minus myself, are all off to church.
We totally didn't buy Zoe a new Easter dress :( Kinda disappointed about that, but we had the excuse of being sick so it's all good.
We'll have to get her a pretty new/used one for next year :)

We put out some plastic eggs w/ candy in them yesterday. Took some photos and will post that soon.
Zoe was getting a little greedy with it, but we bought 2 different things from Sam's. One of them was a monster egg set and the other was a tea party. We put most of those out along w/ some eggs we saved from last year. She found her tea set ones and Oren found his monster ones.
They had fun and sigh.. I love seeing them have fun :)
Love my babies so much.
Ezra was just happy in his batmobile rolling around on the pavement and getting stuck in the grass lol.

DH and I have come up with a plan to finally start. We want to have a strict month. Friday dinner will be whatever, but other than that, strict. We think we need a strict month to get this going b/c right now, we're slowly but surely in-cooperating too many junk foody carby things.
I'm good with that plan. Just going to be a PITA making meal plans for a month.
I'm tired of my once well fitting or loose shirts being too small and my once huge shirts being well fitting.
My fat clothes need to go back to being fat clothes instead of the only ones I'm comfortably in now.
So yep.... gonna get that going starting next week :)

Not much else going on really. Gardens are looking terrible. SO many weeds growing in them that I can't tell what's my plants and what's a weed. Will have to figure something out.

Puppy is doing well. Still peeing in the house, but that's going to be a work in progress to get him house broken. Watched a few videos on it and teaching him other tricks. Just one of those things that you need patience with.

He's getting so big though! Can't believe how big he is now compared to when we first got him. He's almost doubled in size already lol.
He's such a sweet pup. Still really mouthy, but normal for a puppy his age.
We bought him some chewy things to hopefully keep him from wanting to chew up our shoes and other things he shouldn't be munching on.

Aaaaaaaand yeah.. that's it. Will try to get some photos posted tomorrow :)

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