Thursday, April 6, 2017

She's feeling better

Did I say I got 5 hours of sleep? If not... that's what my brain kept telling me yesterday, but in fact, I had only gotten about 3 hours.
I got much more sleep last night though. Thank goodness. Went to bed at usual time and went right to sleep and didn't want to wake up.
I did wake up at around midnight to Zoe already laying next to me and rubbing and playing with my fingers and hand lol. Woke up to her gingerly counting my fingers :P
I was too tired to care and went right back to sleep.
Did keep waking up b/c of baby or needing to pee or whatever, but overall... it was a much needed nights sleep.

The cough medicine for Zoe has something in it that makes you drowsy. I didn't know that when I gave it to her yesterday. She laid down around 2 and slept until 6.
That first half dose of antibiotics also seemed to really help her too b/c she said her ears weren't hurting after she got up.
Thank goodness. She was miserable before that :(
She's acting totally normal today. Just have 9 more days of antibiotics to go. Thankfully she doesn't mind the flavor of the stuff.

My own cold has stalled some. Still phlegmy and gross feeling. Really hoping this sore feeling in my throat doesn't get worse. Think it's not going away b/c I keep drinking soda and my mouth and throat always dries out at night as it does with my colds lately.
Sucks but hoping to start feeling better soon.

Oren is ok. He gets some coughing fits sometimes that don't want to stop and he'll end up throwing up, but he's acting normal.

Ezra is having some coughing/gagging issues too. Threw up in his walker earlier. That was gross.
His eyes are still snotty but overall, he's ok too.

This flippin weather isn't helping anything. I'm enjoying it b/c it's nice and cool, but it's not going to help w/ the colds and certainly not going to help my frickin gardens. It's going to get cold at night and I dunno what to do to protect my plants :( I already planted everything and if they end up dying, this is going to set me back a month AGAIN. So frustrating.
Determined to have a nice garden this year though.

Thankfully the weather yesterday wasn't too bad here. I know it had to be scary in some areas, but it was just a heavy down pour thunderstorm.

And yep.... that's about it really. Sick sick more sick... need sleep.... wash rinse repeat :P

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