Sunday, April 30, 2017

Funday Fair Day!

So the local fair is going on this weekend. It's right down the road from us and boy... Zoe hasn't shut up about it since her daddy told her about it :P lol
She was SO excited to go and she had a great time. Wish we could've stayed longer but it was too hot and Ezra and Oren were done by the time we left a few hours later.
Next year we'll remember to prepare for sun better so we can make a longer day of it. Get her the unlimited rides pass so she can go ride whatever she wants however many time she wants.

It's such a great fair though. The first time we went, it was more like a very small community fair with only a couple of rides and only a couple of stalls of food that only had like hot dogs and chips. Nothing fancy. They've since gotten a lot more popular and busier so it's become a lot more like the state fair with food carts set up and more local eatery places that are selling a wider variety of foods along with a few fair food staples and more rides now too along with all of that small fair stuff that made it nice before.
Only cost $5 a car to get in and you can bring whatever you want. Bring your own drinks, bring your leashed doggo, etc.

Zoe LOOOOOVED her pony ride. Said it was the best ride EVER! lol

Those were all at the beginning of the fair... before Ezra, myself and DH got sunburned lol. Poor Ezra was miserable yesterday and is all red and miserable today. Thankfully it's not a horrible sunburn, but I'm sure he's not feeling good either.
Mommy and Daddy will have to do better next time.

My cold is still alive and kicking. Congested more now and have a nasty chesty juicy cough to go along with it. Fun.
Apparently I hold my tongue weird when I cough b/c that little flappy part under my tongue is sore and hurts whenever I cough now. :\
Also my ribs hurt b/c of all the coughing and just..... I just want to get better already :(

Safe to say we didn't eat well while at the fair... It's back to it again today though. None of us were feeling well when we left so we didn't go grocery shopping. We need to, but don't actually need too much. At least, we shouldn't need too much. Some veggies and then small things here and there.

The house is a GD disaster area. It's SO gross and messy and it's driving me crazy. Need to shower and then clean clean clean today. Don't feel like doing it b/c I'm still feeling a bit blah, but well.. momma don't get that much time off for being sick.

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