Monday, April 17, 2017


Gotta be fast  b/c Ezra is getting fussy...

From Saturday.  Really didn't get a lot of good ones of the older 2... so Ezra has to pose his little pale butt off lol.

Just bonus Ezra wearing Oren's Batman mask heh

 Sunday before church I think. DH took them out while I was taking a nice long hot shower by myself heh. Yeah... typical photos with all 3.

 Looking for eggs at granny and grampy's house. SiL brought a ton of eggs. We also brought some too. There were so many that the kids actually started getting picky about which ones to pick up lol.

 How embarassing. They're wearing the same thing.

And finally.... a great photo of all 3 of them. FINALLY! If only they weren't sitting on our messy ass bed lol. Figures, but hey... I'll take it :D

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