Sunday, April 9, 2017

And you get a cold. And you get a cold!! Everyone gets a coooold!!!

If you read that in Oprah's voice, give yourself a good pat on the back lol.
I actually went to the doc Saturday morning. My throat wasn't feeling any better and I'm not about to suffer with strep throat again. That shit sucked.
But turns out I don't have strep. Probably a viral infection that just had to run it's course. Great. Still got antibiotics just in case though.
Dh also came home early on Friday. I had put Ezra down for a nap and was taking a shower with the other 2. Think I was just getting done rinsing my hair when I look up and see his shadow on the other side of the shower door. Frickin gave me a heart attack.
I don't scream when I get startled... Its more like random curses with Jesus thrown in there rofl.
Anywho... We're all sick. Zoe and Oren are better, but Oren is still getting cough attacks that make him throw up. I'm coughing a lot more and horking up a lot of mucus. All that coughing is causing headaches too and seriously painful razor blade feeling in my throat.
Thankfully the pain when I swallow is very dull and hopefully will be gone soon.

Dh also has pink eye in both eyes. He hasn't been rubbing shit in his eyes or anything lol.
It's a viral infection from this stupid cold.
We're just both ready to feel better already. Today has been the worst day so far in terms of how we felt. Kids seemed to be fine, but the,parents sure weren't.

Anywho, sorry for any weird mispellings or random commas. Hate posting from my phone but meh...

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