Monday, May 1, 2017

F- HOAs!!!!

Gawd damnit.
As I've said before and always will say.. NEVER buy a home that is part of an HOA.
I understand why they were started. You don't want people messing up their property which would cause your own to go down in value, but the amount of restrictions and jumping through hoops to get shit done is fucking ridiculous.
DH sent in his request for the shed over 2 months ago. We JUST NOW heard back from them and.... our request was rejected b/c he didn't put down that he was going to add in siding that is the same as the house. WTF???
And he followed all of the rules when submitting his request, but they supposedly didn't receive it until 4/20 even though we sent it in at least 2 months prior? BULLSHIT
Bunch of lazy ass lying pieces of monkey shit.
They are lucky we even sent anything in to get approved b/c we damn well know that we're probably one of the only ones in the neighborhood that does it.
And there are other sheds in the neighborhood that do NOT have matching fucking siding on their sheds like supposedly we're supposed to do.

So yeah.. now they're saying we have to resubmit our request.
Whatever. I told DH that we just need to build it and fuck them if they want to make a fuss about it.
We'll build it how it's supposed to look according to the rules and dare them to try to give us shit.

UGH, so pissed off.

Screw HOAs man.... seriously. And screw the lazy asshole ones that don't wanna do their jobs.
Make this shit easier and put this crap online!

And while I'm ranting....
We have to go in to Zoe's school to finish registering her for kindergarten. They have an online registration, but require you to go in to give them... whatever. WTF?? Why even bother with the online shit then?
Told DH that he's going to have to take a day off so we can do it b/c the hell if I'm gonna roll up in there with 3 kids in tow and no idea what I'm doing lol.

And then.. my stupid ass brother. I don't care to talk to him. I haven't blocked him on FB... yet.... but it's close.
He did his usual Hi or well... it was 'sup' PM on FB the other day and when I didn't reply back he came back with a "guess I'm not worthy enough of a reply now." bullshit reply.
So I ripped him a new one and told him that, I dunno who the hell he thinks he's talking to but his passive aggressive guilt tripping bullshit isn't going to work on me.
He has NEVER PMd me just bc or just for small talk. It has ALWAYS been b/c he wanted something.
He tried to say he was just PMing me to ask if we saw Logan and how it was or worth watching and blahblahblah. Uh huh sure... right before asking if I'll watch your kids for you I'm sure.
Bitch, whatever.

Just so tired of the bullshit....

Anyway... still waiting for gymnastics place to contact us. Hoping it's soon. Need to look at leotards some more on amazon and let Zoe pick out some that she likes. Well.. let her choose from a select few that have decent reviews lol.

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