Monday, June 20, 2016


So I hope all the awesome dads out there had a great day yesterday :)
DH's day was a bit underwhelming. I did jack shit for it, but oh well. I let him sleep in.. that's good enough :P lol
We went to one of those overpriced Brazilian steakhouses for lunch with family. The sirloin they served was frickin delicious, but everything else... meh.
Just overall not worth frickin $32 a person. Not unless you can eat your weight in meat and especially b/c their servers are still all paid waiters wages and rely on tips.

We then went and got some happy hour half price slushies from Sonic on the way home and then my brother and his wife brought over their kids for me to watch while they went to see Warcraft.
My brother  IM'd be yesterday on FB and jokingly asked if I would watch them. Meh... it was no big deal. Their older kids were bored, but their youngest had fun playing with Zoe and Zoe had a blast too :)
Oren kind of just followed them around... wanting to participate, but not really understanding how to yet. SO adorable! lol

Speaking of Zoe... so she spent the night with her granny Friday night... but on Saturday spent the night with aunt.
Aunt told DH that she got eaten up by mosquitoes.
Yeah... I don't frickin think so. She got eaten alive by fleas once again. Especially since she wasn't playing outside. Hell... even when we were at the lodgings at Yellowstone with the swarms of mosquitoes there.. she didn't get bitten up this bad.
No way in hell did mosquitoes fly in between her legs to bite her on her inner upper thighs.
Aunt just needs to own up to that shit and get her frickin pets some damn Advantage or Frontline already. So sick of Zoe coming home with dozens of bug bites all over her.

I also got absolutely nothing done yesterday lol. Oops. I had fully intended to do some carpet shampooing, but nope.
I REALLY need to do it though. These carpets just look disgusting. I took before pictures and will take after ones once I finally do clean them.... whenever that may be. Probably tomorrow.

Have an appointment today and just don't feel like doing anything else today. Gotta take both kiddos with me since MiL can't watch them. Shouldn't be too big of an issue since it's just seeing the doc and getting blood drawn. Think I mentioned that already in another post lol. Oh well.

Anywho.... I'll try to have photos up tomorrow  of the trip. Really didn't take as many as I was hoping to. Mostly b/c the van was so cramped with stuff and we were so tired most of the time that we just forgot. Did get some though. Just gotta go through them all.

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